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PHP - 100m XML Sitemap Generator 
PHP - 100m XML Sitemap Generator Discounts Apply !
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Price: 40.00 USD

ECT Version: v6.4.x & later
v6.3.x & earlier
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The 100m XML Sitemap Generator enables a store admin to easily generate, update, and submit a search engine optimized sitemap for their ECT store.

Add-on Features

  • Sitemaps Protocol Compliant
  • Can automatically "ping" Google, Bing, Yahoo, and each time a sitemap is generated.
  • Sitemaps are created directly on the web server -- there is no need to download/upload the sitemap files manually. (*PHP must have write permission on the sitemap file.)
  • Database-driven
    • Sitemaps with thousands of products and categories can be completed in less than a minute, whereas crawler-based sitemap generators can take hours.
    • Sitemaps will contain exactly one link per product or category, whereas crawler-based sitemap generators often will create multiple entries due to machine generated links that contain variables.
    • Low resource usage.
  • Sitemaps can be generated in a format easy for humans to read, or a bandwidth-saving compact format.
  • Generator respects your settings regarding disabled sections and stock management.
  • Can be scheduled to run automatically as a cron job. Major seach engines will be notified of the new sitemap if you've enabled this feature.
  • Non product/category pages can be added to the sitemap through an easy-to-use admin page.
XML Sitemap Generator admin Screenshot


  • Ecommerce Templates™ PHP version 6.0.1 to 6.3.x
  • PHP 5 or higher with eval() permissions enabled
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